Friday 23 July 2021
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baldness in Midtown Manhattan

Not only women consider their hair as the most important component of the image, but also men, so many of them are worried about the question: why does hair fall out, and most importantly – how to deal with this problem and stop baldness?

Each human body is unique in its own way, therefore alopecia, that is, hair loss, in each case begins differently. For example, in some men, only the frontal and parietal region is bald, in others, hair falls evenly throughout the head.

Most often, the causes of male pattern baldness are problems with the functioning of the endocrine system or heredity. However, injuries, stress, and even unbalanced nutrition can interfere with the condition of the hair and increase hair loss.

Nervous exhaustion, sleep deprivation, frequent stress, constant fatigue always affect the appearance and are guaranteed to lead to hair problems at any age. Often on nervous soil, hair begins to fall out intensely, and scalp starts to itch.

Certain care rules  for weakened hair will not completely relieve you of the onset of alopecia, but Manhattan Barbers know following them will significantly slow down the process of hair loss.

Be sure to contact a trichologist or professional stylist – a specialist will diagnose the condition of the hair and draw up an individual care scheme.

Cosmetic products against hair loss will improve the situation only if they are developed by professional technologists and consist of high-quality components, whose action is aimed at improving the hair follicles. The composition of such funds can be hair growth stimulants (aminexil, stemoxidin, minoxidil), natural plant extracts, vitamins of groups B, A, E.

With thinning hair keratin treatments and lamination are effective. These beauty rituals do not stop baldness, but thicken the hair, make the hair thicker and more voluminous, which helps to mask the beginning bald patches.


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