Saturday 24 July 2021
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Difference Between A Podiatrist And A Sports Podiatrist

When it comes to feet and lower extremities, do you know to whom to turn to? There is a medicine branch where people are specializing in this part of the body, and it’s called podiatry, while the doctors are podiatrists or chiropodists.

Why there is a need to extricate the podiatry? Because our lower limbs and feet contain many bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints which are forming a very complex system. They allow locomotion and they bear our weight. So there is a lot of function going on, and podiatrists are here to take care of it, because even a small problem, such as a wart, can cause pain while walking or standing.


As we already said, podiatry is taking care of a variety of problems of lower limbs and feet. If you have any pain or discomfort, you can visit your podiatrist. If you have doubts about your footwear,  you can also consider a check with a podiatrist.

Sometimes you will need podiatrist help to treat the problem

After your podiatrist hear what you are complaining about, he will do some tests, visual and palpate examination, so the diagnosis and therapy can be established. He will treat feet problems, from minor to severe, just in the second case, he will need more time.

Some of the most common disorders are foot infections.  They can spread if they are not taking care of, so make sure to contact your podiatrist, and if you live in Australia the Sydney podiatry like ModPod Podiatry is one of the best places to do your check and therapy, as it is equipped with the professional appliances for diagnosis and therapy.

Also, health problems such as arthritis, poor circulation, diabetic ulcers, neuromas, can cause damage to the feet. Podiatrists are prepared for these kinds of problems, and they will do their best to reduce the symptoms and relieve you from pain.

Sports podiatrist

While podiatrists are taking care of feet infections, deformities, outgrowths, the sports podiatrists are taking care of injuries of the feet and lower limbs that are related to sport and exercise. Sometimes, constant irregular pressure can make a problem, causing you pain in some part of the foot or in the knees.

The sports podiatrist will analyze your walk on a certain scanner, where he can see which movements are causing the problem, and he will teach you how to correct your posture and walk. If the problem is some injury, podiatrists have devices, such as lasers, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, that can help you recover faster.

Podiatrist devices will ease difficulties faster

Part of the therapy will also be some exercises, such as stretching and strengthening, and sports podiatrist Sydney like ModPod Podiatry can provide you time and place for these therapy exercises, and also diagnostics and apparatus therapies that we mention above.


No matter what kind of foot and lower extremities problems you have, you can always rely on the professionals such as the podiatrists and sports podiatrists.