Friday 23 July 2021
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Eye Bags: Causes And Solutions

It has always been said that the look is the mirror of the soul and is not for less. The sensitivity of the eye area turns the gaze into the betrayer of tiredness. Poor circulation, fluid retention, or pigmentation are some of the causes that overshadow our face causing the appearance of bags in the eyes and dark circles. Eliminating them is a difficult task, but blur them if possible.

What Are The Bags In The Eyes

The skin that forms what is known colloquially as “eye contour” is much thinner than that of the rest of the face and body, has very few sebaceous glands and is easily distended.

The under-eye bags (ถุงใต้ตา which is the term in Thai) are a swelling of the lower part of the eyes. They appear when the fat that protects the basins protrudes from the eye socket and accumulates in prominent bags around the eyelids. It is also possible that fluid accumulates in the lower space of the eyes, which causes increased inflammation.

The bags under the eyes are rarely a sign of a serious illness. Still, they are usually one of the most widespread aesthetic concerns because they are the reflection of a tired and, apparently, more aged face.

Main causes

The eye bags are a drag to show off a young and healthy face. But why do the bags come out in the eyes?

The aging is one of the main reasons that appear in eye bags. The hereditary factor is also an obvious reason for its appearance.

The lack of hydration in the area can also lead to the appearance of bags. The climate changes, hormonal imbalances, or allergies can also be a determining factor for sporadic appearance.

The lack of sleep or inadequate diet, high-fat content, can also cause the appearance of bags, like the consumption of snuff or alcohol. These habits can be the trigger for fluid retention or localized fat accumulation that results in bags or dark circles on our face.