Saturday 24 July 2021
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Features Associated With Rebound App To Take Control Of Your Life

Just to help you get rid of your medical dependency, Rebound is the app to choose. It is amazing and comes with loads of impressive results. Right now, if you want to be one of the first users of this advanced mobile app, then you just need to make a donation. Once done, you will receive quality feature-loaded app, designed to cover your health issues and medicinal information. Now, what makes this app so popular among the masses? If you want to know more about it, then you better start checking out on its features.

First features to check into:

You are likely to receive a personalized step down program with the help of this app. In this program, you are going to create own regulation plan, specify the medicine and dosage and even the step down dosage. After that, you can start tracking your symptoms. You will receive daily surveys for tracking your symptoms from scale 1 to 10. You can either choose from the available list or just add one from your own. Moreover, you get the chance to track well-being too. Just rate statements to grasp sense of happiness and receive overall well-being score for last 2 weeks.

Other points to jot down;

Through Rebound, you can visualize the progress you are making. You get the chance to compare the well-being scores with daily form of medicine dosages. You can also use graphs for creating unique for of progress overview. Get chance to enjoy daily reminders of when to take medicine and the right dosage. You will receive push notifications, which will help you to keep track n well-being and symptoms. Through Rebound, you are likely to be in control. During step-down program, you can extend and modify the dosage as required. You can further send graphs through email and share progress reports.

 Please sign up to be notified at and find them on facebook: Reboundx.