Friday 23 July 2021
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Five Tips to Prevent Shoulder Pain

Whether you are in active sports or not, shoulder pain can cause you a lot of frustrations, as our shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body. Since shoulder joints are involved in numerous movements in the body, they become more prone to injury. However, there are ways in which you can prevent this.

1. Strengthen the external rotators

Subacromial impingement is a common injury that occurs within the shoulder. This injury causes pain associated with the internal rotation of the shoulder joints, especially when one is trying to throw something like a ball in a sport.

Strengthening the external rotators has a direct impact on the internal rotation, greatly reducing chances of one getting shoulder pains. A comprehensive pre-training warm-up is important, and one can tie a band or cable-resisted external rotations. If you haven’t exercised for long, it is advisable to start slowly.

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2. Rest

Sometimes while training or lifting a heavy object, you might experience a sharp-shooting pain in the shoulder. The best way would be to immediately take a break from the exercise and take a full rest.

Resting will give your shoulder some time to heal, and you can as well engage in some other lighter exercises such as riding a stationary bicycle. Again, remember that it is important to keep your shoulders active throughout to avoid stiffness that might aggravate the situation.

3. Cross-train

You will notice that some exercises are so taxing on the shoulder as a result of repetitive movements. In this regard, you might want to consider cross-training, so that you can have varying exercises while still keeping fit.

For instance, if you are a swimmer, you might consider incorporating other shoulder exercises in your training activities, such as bicycle riding or light gym exercises associated with shoulders. This will allow you to remain physically fit.

4. Avoid straining the shoulders

At times your shoulder might be dislocated due to a lot of twisting. For instance, if you need to reach an item that is placed at a height that you cannot reach, it is advisable to use a step stool. Alternatively, you can put the items that you commonly use in drawers that are easily accessible.

At work, always maintain a good sitting posture, lift bulky items with your back always straight while fully utilizing your legs, and always have breaks in between your work to rest your shoulders.

5. Seek medical attention

For aggravated shoulder pain, consider seeking medical attention from experts dealing with correcting and treating such issues. The doctor might suggest physical therapy or surgery, based on the extent of your shoulder injury.

Remember, there are many more exercises that are great bonuses when it comes to strengthening your shoulders to prevent them from injury. You can consider stretching, as a great way of aligning your body and maintaining flexibility after every exercise.

In summary, it is important to listen to your body always. Be proactive and adjust your training exercises when you feel it necessary. Importantly, talk to your doctor whenever you need expert opinion in situations where the injury is more massive and results in great shoulder pain.