Saturday 24 July 2021
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Generate remarkable results with Winstrol

One of the most anabolic popular anabolic components till date, the Winstrol is suitable to be used for athletic performance as well as muscle building. Though it has little use during the bulking phase, it has one of the best effects when used during a cutting cycle. It is among the few anabolic steroids which are aptly suitable for the fairer sex. This has the capability of being combined with other steroids like Testosterone and Trenbolone for higher gains but that should be done only under proper medical attention.

Following a proper cycle

The half-life of the Winstrol will depend on the strength of the tablet and accordingly, the daily dosage intake must be determined. The cycle for this supplement is dependent on the form in use and the gender concerned. Available in both the oral as well as the injectable form, the former is simply referred to as Winstrol while the latter is referred to as Winstrol Depot. The male and female cycles are different. For the stronger sex, the general recommended cycle period ranges from about six weeks to eight weeks at a dosage level of 50mg per day. An intake every alternate day will also turn out to be suitable for many.

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On the flip side, Stanozolol is one of the well-tolerated substances among female users. However, the dosage intake and the cycle period should be kept at a minimal low to avoid any signs of virilization or other effects on the body. A 10mg tablet every alternate will be sufficient for female users for a period of around four weeks. There are some users who try to use the component in increased doses for higher gains but that comes with increased risk of adverse impacts on the body.

Appropriate dosage for beginners

The dosage for this supplement varies depending on the age of the user, his experience, the purpose of use and the present physical health. While a slight deviation in the intake level for experienced users poses no significant threat to the system, the dosage intake for amateurs must be determined with accuracy to generate the best possible results without the risk of any adverse impact on the body. The minimum intake level is always safe for beginners to start with. The recommended intake for first-timers is 50mg every alternate day which will sum up to around 200mg per week.

For those looking for higher gains or enhanced physical performance should stack this component with other anabolic steroids. However, this must be done under proper medical attention and in case of any deviation in the desired outcome or any adverse impact, the consumption must be immediately stopped and physician be consulted for the same. For a safer alternative, it should be stacked with testosterone which creates lesser chance of any undesired effects. Since beginners are generally prescribed with oral tablets, the dosage for the same will depend on the strength of the tablet. Following a proper Winstrol cycle will help to achieve steady and solid gains which will last longer with no cases of water retention on the body.