Saturday 24 July 2021
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HCG Versus 18 Shake Diet Supplement for Healthier Diet Plan

One of diet plans you can try to get ideal weight is 18 Shake Diet. How if it is compared to HCG diet plan? You have to know first about what HCG diet plan is and how it helps to lose your weight. This information is very important especially for the first time people who want to do the diet. The detail below gives you more understanding about HCG diet plan so you can do it right and maximally.

Short Overview of HCG

First time dieters tend to as about what HCG diet plan is and they need to make sure that this diet is safe. The idea of HCG diet is applying low calorie diet plan. By lowering calorie, it triggers specific hormone known as HCG hormone which helps to reset metabolism. Actually, you can buy HCG hormone in the form of supplement which can be drank or injected. This type of product is only sold with doctor’s prescription. By using HCG hormone, you will get 500 calories only a day.

The Role of HCG in Diet Program

The main ingredient of HCG product is the growth hormone. The problem is that the product has been banned by FDA due to the unsafe issue. Based on FDA, 500 calories a day is not enough and dangerous for your health. Limiting 500 calories a day is losing your weight but in long term it triggers serious health side effects such as nutrition deficiency and losing muscles. The truly purpose of HCG or growth hormone is not for diet but to treat fertility issues. Moreover, the growth hormone is only given based on prescription. Even today, the growth hormone is not offered anymore and considered as illegal product. Companies which sell this product are also warned by FDA especially if those companies sold HCG for diet program.

The Side Effects of HCG

So, what do you feel if you take HCG or the growth hormone for long term period of time? You feel serious side effects when you only use HCG for losing weight. Those side effects are including fatigue, irritability, restlessness, depression, fluid buildup, and swelling of the breasts, and many more. Some people said that they felt various side effects after using HCG such as the rise of blood pressure drastically, flushed skin, headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea, leg cramp, and many more. Because of those side effects FDA has been banned the growth hormone for diet plan purpose since 2011.

The Safer Diet Supplement

The explanation above shows that HCG diet plan is unsafe and triggering serious health side effects. The question is what do you have to do if you want to reduce weight safely? What you need to understand that HCG or the growth hormone product is not the only way to reduce weight. For safer diet plan, you may replace it with specific product known as 18 Shake Diet. This product is a meal replacement shake. By consuming this shake, you can suppress your appetite, increase metabolism, burn fat effectively, and many more. 18 Shake Diet is a safe diet supplement because it doesn’t contain any filler, stimulant, binder, artificial color, artificial flavor, and any kind of dangerous ingredients. The distributor is giving 30 days money back guarantee. As a diet product, 18 Shake Diet offers complete important elements. Those are including easy instruction to follow, affordable price, and the most important it offers fast result. Due to the essential ingredients and benefits, 18 Shake Diet is considered as the best diet shake in 2017. By consuming this product, you are about to consume a diet shake with high protein and fiber which suppress your appetite. You can still do your daily activity although you don’t eat a lot because this product can be turned into energy.

The Use of Whey Protein in 18 Shake Diet

One of the secret is the use of whey protein. Whey protein is rich of amino acids and easy to digest. Whey protein is also good to boost your health because it makes immune system stronger. So, how about the flavor? Interestingly, the taste is great and sweet but you don’t need to worry because the sweet taste is from stevia which only serve 1 gram of sugar. As the result you can still regulate blood sugar well in your diet. You can still enjoy a great taste shake without gaining weight. Stevia is the best option because this ingredient offers sweeter taste without any negative side effects just like when you eat white sugar. Consuming 18 Shake Diet provides you with better digestive system with the help from digestive resistant maltodextrin which produces gut bacteria. The product is also comfort for your stomach because it doesn’t produce too much gas or bloating. To make it perfect, the whey protein and fiber are mixed with vitamins and mineral.

The Role of Ingredients

The protein is processed similar to the making process of cheese. Because of that, the whey protein becomes easy to digest so your body can absorb the essential compounds including amino acids. In short, whey protein product such as 18 Shake Diet is better and healthier than HCG or the growth product. Besides absorbed faster and easier 18 Shake Diet helps to build muscle while reducing your weight. Definitely, it is different compared to HCG diet plan which reduce weight and even lose your muscles. You don’t need to worry about deficiency issue in HCG diet because your body receives all important compounds while doing diet program. This fact shows that 18 Shake Diet is good to prevent side effects during aging or diabetes. If you tend to suffer from swing mood during diet, you don’t have to suffer it if you take this diet shake. The main reason is on the gut bacteria which gives positive impact to your mood. 18 Shake Diet is also using dried and extracted cacao beans which full of nutrient. The taste of this shake is also similar to chocolate bar.

In conclusion, if you really want to lose your weight by doing diet program and the option are HCG and 18 Shake Diet you know which one to choose. The most important, you know why you have to choose 18 Shake Diet instead of HCG. Now, you can get your ideal body in the healthiest way without any serious negative side effects.