Saturday 24 July 2021
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How Does Metabolism Affect Your Diet?

And when it does, you are in a world of hurt. You can’t help those snarky comments from your colleagues, family members, and neighbors about your waistline. Even your clothes refuse to cooperate with you by refusing to button up or zip up.

The long regimen of suffering:

The answer to the above predicament is something that more than 60% of the world population face every day. The strenuous regimen of exercise and the bouts of starvation (popularly known as dieting) guaranteed to get you that zero figure you dream about. Right? Wrong!!

Obesity is not about gorging on junk food and skipping the treadmill all the time. Agreed, a balanced diet and a daily trip to the gym is a wonderful lifestyle. But the results of such a lifestyle is very limited,and you will settle back in your old ways eventually. Your body burns the food consumed by you to produce energy to perform daily activities of your life. This is called Metabolism. The rate of metabolism depends on many factors such as genes, age, lifestyle and food habits. As you progress in age, the rate of metabolism goes down due to lowering of muscle mass.

The prodigal child of weight loss:

The world has started focussing on intensive metabolism workouts. Reputed companies like New England Fat loss have come up with simplified programmes that focus on shedding fats by bringing major lifestyle changes such as:

  • Imbibing a protein-rich food such as chicken, egg whites, white tuna
  • A proper 6 to 8 hours sleep cycle that helps to keep your rate of metabolism stable
  • An extensive hydration schedule for flushing out the toxins at regular intervals
  • Including more of vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, cauliflower, apples, blueberries,and other such food supplements.