Saturday 24 July 2021
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How to Keep Your “Summer Body” during the Whole Year

fitness woman doing situps in outdoor gym woking out strength training

A lot of people find motivation to lose weight and get fit when summer is approaching. The so-called “beach body” has become an obsession, and everyone wants to be ready when the time comes to show off at the beach.

However, a lot of people only exercise and pay attention to their diet in spring, a short part of summer, and that’s it. Once they’re back from vacation, they’re back to the old mode.

Well, guess what, you should take care of your body during the whole year. Of course, summer is a great motivation, so you can maybe start from there, but you definitely shouldn’t stop after it’s over. Here are a few tips from experts at Fit Athletic on how and why to maintain your summer looks during the whole year.

Be Careful What You Eat

It’s quite easy living on fruit and vegetables in the summer as your appetite naturally goes down with all that heat.

However, as the temperatures start to decrease, your food craving starts to increase, and it’s normal, but you need to be aware of it and control it as much as it’s healthy and possible. With all the holidays that await you after summer, it’s even more difficult to do it.

You definitely shouldn’t starve yourself, you treat yourself from time to time, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Leave those treats for special occasions and holidays, but make sure your daily diet is balanced, full of proteins and avoid sugar as much as possible.

Keep Your Workout Routine

As we’re usually more active during the summer, we tend to give up on our workout habits or don’t extend membership at the gym during the summer months, thinking that all the walking, swimming and “sauna effect” of everyday heat will keep us fit.

This may be true to some extent, but it will cause you to break a habit, a routine that is not so easy to establish.

You may not really need the gym at this moment, but when the time to go back comes, it will be three times more difficult for you to do it. Finding suitable personal training in San Diego is always a good motivation, though.

So it’s a good idea to continue with your pre-summer workout schedule even during the summer. You may lower the intensity and frequency, but do not drop it completely. That way when the fall comes, you’ll be fit to continue being fit.

Let Your Clothes Motivate You

Try to keep your summer wardrobe for as long as possible (of course, don’t freeze over that), as wearing summer clothes will help you stay aware of your “summer body” and will keep reminding you how good it is to be slim and fit.

With loose, baggy fall/winter clothes, we easily forget about the shape of our body, as it simply disappears under the garments.

So you may put on weight without even noticing in, which is not such a big deal in itself, but chances are you’ll want your “summer body” next summer as well, and you will need to put much more effort to get it again. It’s good to keep being aware of your body shape, appreciate it and stay motivated to maintain it. It will make your life a lot easier.

Plus, you will feel much better during the winter.

Instead of being all slow, swollen and sulky under the gained weight, lost agility, and layers of baggy clothes, you will be much more energetic and look great, even during the winter. Plus, you’ll be ready for the beach long before everyone else and watch them sweat while you just keep your light gym routine and continue to be fabulous.