Friday 23 July 2021
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How to Treat Painful Toes

Hurting or sore toes are the common problem among people of any age. The causes vary person to person, including improper care of feet and toes, infection, gout, etc. Tight shoes also hurt your toes very badly. The proper and persistent care of toes are required to keep them healthy. Many a times you experience a situation and think in mind “my big toe hurts and what should I do for it?”. Here are few tips required to treat hurting toes with very useful precautions.

Tips of hurting toes

Firstly, start with home based preventions. Cut the toenail properly and weekly basis. Overgrowth of nails might hurt the toes. Trim the nails in proper lightening conditions as poor lightening may hurt or can cut the soft skin layer.

Tender toes hurt a lot and tough to walk properly. So take hot water in a small washing tub by adding 2 tablespoons of salt. Dip your feet into the tub for 15 minutes could relieve your toe pain. Toe blister can also be harmful. They might be caused by wearing tight shoes. So covering the toes with foam or athletic tape can avoid the issue of hurtful toes. Try this tip and forget to worry about thinking of how “my big toe hurts and how to relieve the pain.”Toenails infection that is known as tinea unguium is a contagious infection that might hurt the toes badly.

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Such infections are painful, upsetting and transmittable. For this the proper medical treatment should be taken initially, otherwise, the problem will become worse. So take medical help immediately or first aid if the toenails got infected.

There are few exercises are there to relieve the toe pains including straight leg stretch, toe release by pressing the toes towards the floor, spreading the toes with five fingers and gently pressing them, and lastly is stretching the legs on the wall in V shape. These are very useful exercises to alleviate the toe pain.

Moreover, use ball-of-foot cushions to ease the toe pain caused by tight shoes. Buy one ball-of-cushion and place them on the back foot or the area where the foot sits. Do not wear high heels all the time because it might hurt your toes badly.

So just few prevention at home can lead you to eliminate the toe pain. And if the problem is serious like the kind of disease, then taking proper medical treatment on time.