Friday 23 July 2021
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Know the Signs Of Someone Using Crystal Meth

Crystal meth, which is a synthetic stimulant, is one of the world’s most addictive drugs. Even though the effects of using meth are similar to cocaine use, meth will continue to act on the brain for a much longer period of time. Crystal meth (or Methamphetamine) is a white, crystalline substance that is either smoked, inhaled, swallowed, or injected with a needle. Initially, the drug causes a profound sense of well-being, hyperactive behavior, and a decrease in appetite.

One dose of crystal meth may affect the user for up to 8 hours, and sometimes the euphoria can last twenty-four hours. The signs that someone is using crystal meth can be very obvious as the central nervous system is flooded with increased levels of dopamine resulting in an extreme euphoria. Users become quickly addicted to meth as their relationships, health, work, and finances will deteriorate quickly also.

Signs That Someone is Using Crystal Meth

One of the early signs of meth use will be a change in social behaviors. As the meth user becomes more addicted, the shame may cause them to isolate from family and friends. The meth user becomes more comfortable around other addicts and begins to spend more time in places where drug use is acceptable. To help recognize if you or a loved needs help, here is a list of common signs that someone is using crystal meth:

  • bad breath
  • broken teeth
  • non-healing sores
  • twitching or a tic
  • repetitive behaviors
  • forgetfulness
  • stealing and lying
  • loss of appetite for days
  • isolation from family
  • dilated pupils
  • rapid eye movement
  • severe insomnia
  • paranoia and hallucinations
  • sudden mood changes
  • risky sexual behavior
  • criminal activities
  • increased aggression
  • obsessive compulsions
  • clumsiness

Other signs that someone is using crystal meth may be seen in the addict’s home. Rolled and burnt aluminum foil, burned spoons, smoking pipes, needles, and syringes are all indications of meth use. Once a person is in the downward cycle of meth addiction, seeking treatment for the disease in a structured program is crucial. Often a detoxification program along with inpatient treatment will give the addict a firm foundation before returning home to build a life of sobriety. 

The final stages and consequences of addiction to crystal meth can include staggering legal, financial, and health problems. Possession of crystal meth is a felony charge that will usually demand a jail sentence. Users can develop health issues like chronic diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular system, liver, and kidneys.

If you see the signs that someone is using crystal meth, call for help immediately to avoid the serious life or death consequences of meth use. Partner with a facility that offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that are customized to address personal needs. For more information, visit or contact us at