Friday 23 July 2021
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Treasured Cubes Useful and Harmful Exercises for The ABS With Tren Enanthate

Treasured cubes: useful and harmful exercises for the press

Treasured cubes: useful and harmful exercises for the press. Surprisingly, there are many articles on the topic of the press, and most of them recommend ineffective and even harmful exercises. Find out what’s wrong with them.

Professional trainers rack their brains over the question of where on the Internet there are so many articles with “incorrect exercises that prepare incorrect cubes.” After all, the topic is not new, only a lazy sports fan did not write about this in his blog. Nevertheless, myths about the press are still alive in 2017. Fitness instructors assure: not all exercises from the world wide web are effective, and half shakes anything, just not a press. Some of them do harm the health of the athlete.

For example, one of the most popular exercises is lifting your legs with a fixed back. This is one of the most popular exercises that coaches in many gyms still give and which greatly harm the spine. Lift the legs up from a lying position or sitting with an emphasis in the lower back, as well as a “folding knife” (simultaneous separation of the legs and back from the floor) transmit the strongest load on the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine.

This leads to microtrauma of the disc, which can cause back pain, osteochondrosis or hernia. If you have already noticed that the lower back hurts after exercise on the abs, completely exclude the rise of legs with a fixed back. A safe option is to lift your legs in a free hanging on the crossbar (rings, simulator, bars).

If there is no place to hang, then raise the legs bent at the knees, while the back should be rounded and the chin pressed to the chest. By the way, this is also one of the most effective exercises for the press. Another popular exercise is “prayer”: bending forward while kneeling, back is bent, hands with a rope from the block are pressed to the head. Choose the right load yourself, it is important to be able to do 15-25 bends with this weight.

The plank and side plank are a panacea for the muscles of the core, which include the press. In general, the bar should be the first love of any sports fan, because it develops stabilizers – and everyone needs them. Even if you are a professional chess player or dartsman, the bar will give you the opportunity to sit and stand evenly and correctly.

Read more about the regular bar in the material on isometric exercises, and dwell on the side. Her variations with throwing a leg (or two legs) are especially loved by runners, since in this case the muscles of the legs swing and strengthen. Rest on one forearm (the elbow is exactly at the level of the shoulder joint), keep the body perpendicular to the floor, your whole body should be straight. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen and back, as well as the buttocks and hips, so that the body remains elongated along the ruler.

You can complete the bar of any kind for as long as you want, the world record – more than Trenbolone for Sale in USA. An effective repetition for each side will be at least one minute, but at first stand in it for as long as you can. This exercise involves most of the abdominal muscles, gradually turning the abs and core muscles into hardened steel.

Directly called the rectus abdominis muscle, it connects the pelvic bone and sternum. The purpose of the press is to maintain a straight back and perform forward bends. On the straight muscle, as you might guess, there are no cubes – they are formed by six more muscles that cross the press across. But do not hope that you can pump cubes separately – this is a myth. Abdominal exercises (inclinations, legs lifting from a vis, twisting and a level) involve both a straight, and oblique, and connecting muscles at the same time.

If you go deeper into the anatomy, then the abdominal muscles that make up the press are those that do not move bones – such as the muscles of the face. To pump them up, you can remain motionless, because the core muscles (stabilizers) serve precisely for this purpose – to hold the skeleton and internal organs. They are extremely important for a healthy back and posture, especially (there is nothing to surprise here) for a happy office manager with a sedentary job.

Correct posture and good abs are interconnected: work in the gym leads to a straight back, a straight back develops abs and abdominal muscles. Therefore, sitting in an office chair, you should not expect that an evening workout compensates for 8 hours of mockery of the back. Trainers advise “swing the press” right behind the computer: keep your back straight, do not bend to the monitor, both legs should be on the floor on the whole foot, knees bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. Parents must have given similar advice in childhood, and this is the case when dad was right.

Twisting is another way to develop a beautiful abs. Unlike simple tilts and lifting of the body or legs, these exercises use the oblique and connecting muscles of the abdomen more strongly. For twisting you can use fitball, it will perfectly support and will not rigidly fix the lower back and back. Twisting on the fitball is carried out by analogy with the standard ones: the pelvis and lower back on the ball, the legs are firmly on the floor at shoulder width, in the initial position the hips and back make a straight line – do not bend below this level.

In the pursuit of treasured cubes, many believe that it is enough to correctly perform exercises on the press, and they will appear. This is not entirely true: everyone has cubes of transverse muscles, for many they already really look like even rectangles, but they are not visible. It’s all to blame for the fact that training on abdominal muscles will help to drive out excess fat from there.

ABS will appear when the excess weight is gone

If you have one, then you won’t be able to fight it locally. It is also important to remember that weight loss and muscle buildup are incompatible. Read more about effective ways to lose weight and the advice of a sports psychologist in our materials.

It is impossible to deprive the body of sufficient nutrition and at the same time hope for an increase in muscle mass. Therefore, it is first worthwhile to comprehensively get rid of excess adipose tissue, and then, with the help of a sports diet, allow the body to build muscle tissue. Then the cubes will appear in all their glory!