Friday 23 July 2021
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Vital steroid cycles for the beginners

The steroid cycles for the beginners are sometimes difficult to understand not due to the complications associated with it but because people have very little knowledge about steroids. It often happens that an individual chooses an anabolic steroid and starts using it without knowing the consequences. Dosages and duration of the steroid pose another problem. An individual does not understand how long he should take or how much to take. Therefore before beginning on any steroid, it is important to educate yourself on the various anabolic steroids that are available and choose the one that can give you a positive and encouraging experience.

For all the beginners, a simple testosterone cycle is always the best option. It is the most versatile steroid and also well-tolerated by all users. It can be also labeled as the best beginner steroid cycle as you are using only testosterone. Users can stack it with other steroids but many find the only testosterone cycle to be very efficient in the long run. For a beginner, who has not experienced stacking multiple steroids before may incur problems and it will be impossible to determine which steroid is causing the problem. Moreover, testosterone is an anabolic steroid that is tolerated by most people and the before and after results photos of users provide much evidence.

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The finest steroid for the beginners

Anavar is a great choice for the beginners because it is a mild steroid. The side effects of this steroid are not harsh like other compounds. It is not a bulking steroid but the users experience strength and muscle gain. This steroid is effective in reducing body fat, maintaining muscle gain and improving muscle definition. This medication is favored by the bodybuilders because of its anti-catabolic properties. Being anabolic in nature, it reduces muscle loss. This drug has experienced remarkable success among women, hence,it is often referred to as “the girl steroid.” This steroid works for women at very low dosages, therefore the androgenic effects are low.

Dianabol is a popular oral steroid available in the market for bulking and performance-enhancing purpose. It is a testosterone derivative and bodybuilders can gain muscle mass up to 20 pounds within a few weeks of using it. It can add weight at a rapid rate and gives strength too. This steroid is used by the bodybuilders for the mass gain during the off-season and has endurance and recovery properties for the athletes. However, during the first cycle, it is recommended to add testosterone to reduce the side-effects of this drug and maintain the gains. Another steroid through which men and women benefit equally is testosterone though men require testosterone in larger amounts than women to perform better.

The benefit of post-cycle therapy for beginners

All the steroid cycles are succeeded by a post-cycle therapy. This therapy is formulated to enhance the natural production of testosterone that gets suppressed while taking the synthetic hormones. Once the steroids are stopped, some of the gains disappear and the body adjusts itself to the normal testosterone levels. You can notice this if you carefully observe the before and after results photos once you stop taking steroids. The reasons for this difference are the elimination of water retention and the breakdown of muscle tissue.