Saturday 24 July 2021
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When Your Loved One Needs Help for Alcoholism

Is someone in your family struggling with alcoholism? It can be extremely difficult to handle a loved one who has been abusing alcohol. Not only do you know that what they’re doing is hurting themselves, but you’re also aware that you and the rest of your family members are being caught in the crossfire. This situation can make you feel a wide span of emotions — from sadness and compassion to anger and frustration.

What to Do When Someone Close to You Is an Alcoholic

The first thing to do is to fully admit that there is a problem. No one wants to have an issue like this — not you or your family member who is struggling with alcoholism. But starting out with full acceptance of the situation is a must. If you try to push the problem down or avoid speaking about it, it will only grow and eventually consume your loved one and your family.

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It’s better to face this head on. Likely the hardest thing you’ll need to do next is to approach your loved one and speak to them about your concerns and about possibly entering into one of the available alcohol treatment programs Malibu, CA. This talk can go one of many ways. If your loved one has already expressed worry about their drinking habits, you can help them decide on next steps.

If, however, you have never spoken to your loved one about how much they drink or what they do and how they act when they drink, this talk could be extremely difficult.

How to Speak With Your Loved One

Talking with your loved one about their struggles with alcoholism won’t be easy, but just keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it. The “why” is the most important part of all of this. You’re confronting your family member because you love them — and don’t forget to say this numerous times during your talk.

Start the talk by expressing your love, and explain that you are simply worried about what could happen. Avoid being angry or getting upset — even if they do. Focus on getting help at one of the alcohol treatment programs Malibu, CA that are available.

Why Alcohol Treatment Is the Best Option

Alcohol treatment programs Malibu, CA are the best option for those struggling with substance abuse issues because they allow your family member to focus fully on recovering from their substance abuse issues. Residential treatment programs have their patients on-site at all times. The focus is put on detox and therapy and counseling during rehab.

Contact a recovery center in your area of Malibu today to learn more about your options. And remember that you’re doing the right thing by approaching your loved one with your concern about their drinking habits. It’s difficult, but you can do it.