Saturday 24 July 2021
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Zodiac Predictions for 2014-2015

As possible see, there has been huge world changes since that time.

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Allow me to outline only a couple of of these:

– The Central Banks convey more power than in the past

– The Fed introduced lower rates of interest to just about %

– Quantitative Easing or money-printing is just about the new norm

– Disputes over taxes and tax reforms have escalated

– Movements to unseat leaders continue, such as the resignation of President Mubarak in Egypt and also the walking lower of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya

– Cyber-spying is rampant using the revelations the NSA continues to be regularly unlawfully stalking its citizens

– We have seen earth changes escalate with earthquakes and tsunamis causing whole continents to shift

Exactly what does the long run seem like once we close to the finish from the Cardinal Climax?

I see two diametrically opposed scenarios happening:

– Worldwide debt reaches its limit, the economic climate panics and the stock exchange crashes

– Governments shut lower and default on their own financial obligations


– Leaders running a business, banking and government begin to behave with transparency rather of secrecy, spending so much time to revive peoples’ rely upon them

– Political leaders make compromises to lessen debt levels

– Companies are rewarded for recruiting and never penalized

It might go in either case. There might be a turnaround in the oppressive economic activities from the last 6 years or perhaps an escalation of the identical practices.

With 3 planets going retrograde one by one right from the start of 2014, (Venus retrograde during The month of january, Mercury retrograde in Feb, and Mars retrograde from March until May), I’m anticipating leaders can change their brains rapidly, bankers can change their policies suddenly, markets will reverse due to greater uncertainty.

President Barack Obama

When I predicted this past year, with transiting Neptune square to his natal Moon, there’s the potential of scandal, deceptiveness and misleading conduct and the trustworthiness might be put in question. There might be harm to his status and he must make certain he does everything above board.

This aspect is really a hard one since the Moon represents his public image. Not only Americans feel tricked by him, but additionally Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, to mention however a couple of, by his reversals and failure to talk with them.

Transiting Jupiter is going to be conjunct his Sun in September 2014. This may be a higher reason for his career, however it may also imply that he would go to extremes. His status might be seriously tarnished particularly when Saturn is opposite his natal Moon and square to natal Pluto in 2015.

The primary factor is the fact that he must be truthful. If he is able to do that, he can salvage his status. Otherwise, he’ll fall from elegance and then leave office together with his status in tatters.

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