Friday 23 July 2021
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Effective Alternative Therapies For Women In Menopause

Most women experience natural menopause around 50 years of age when their period finishes. Ovaries are producing the eggs, and female hormones estrogen and progesterone, and that is normally happening during the years when a woman has her period. 

As the woman approaches the menopause, fewer eggs are released and less of the hormones are produced, until the ovaries stop to produce hormones and menstruation finally stops. Menopause is usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, which are caused by the lower levels of estrogen. 

When it comes to menopause symptoms, most women are searching for natural solutions, and it is estimated that around 95% of women are turning to alternative therapies.  When a woman is searching for a treatment, she should receive an individualized approach at all stages of her treatment and that is possible at you will get help in making good decisions.

Feel amazing despite the menopause 

Alternative therapies

Because the menopause is affecting your mood, where you can feel anxious or depressed, the doctors are suggesting cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy will help you to low these psychic changes, and there is some research that this therapy can also affect the hot flushes and sweats. It is highly recommended that this therapy is combined with relaxation techniques.

Herbal treatments

Before you choose your herbal treatment, look for the logo that’s showing it is traditional herbal medicine. These products are approved that the dosage is correct and that the product has high quality. This is important because many products have an unpredictable dose and purity, and some herbal medicine has drug interactions.

These herbs can help you with menopause symptoms:

  •   Black Cohosh is a North American traditional herb, that can help you with hot flushes, but it cannot help you with anxiety or low mood.
  •   St John’s Wort has shown the benefits in relieving the vasomotor symptoms, and especially in women with a high risk of breast cancer. It is interacting with the other drugs, so you have to be careful with the dosage. 

Soya products are full of phytoestrogens, which are natural estrogen that can help your body to compensate for the loss of your estrogen. 


Acupuncture is a natural therapy for menopause and it can reduce hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety and it can improve the emotional and hormonal imbalance. It will balance your hormones and help you sleep better. The philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that during the menopause, the yin energy is in the deficiency, and the acupuncture will focus on lifting it.

Acupuncture is one of the alternative therapies which will balance your hormones

These treatments are available in specialized clinics, such as menopause clinic in Brisbane like Australian Menopause Centre, where you will be first examined and your treatments will be guided by the professionals.

Final word

With these natural remedies and with the help of a good doctor, you can ease your menopause symptoms, and be a satisfied woman in this period of your life.