Saturday 24 July 2021
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Enjoy the Perfect Art Glass Dish

One of the great pleasures in life is appreciating the finer things. This includes items of beauty, spectacular design, and quality craftsmanship. Whether smoking a fine bud of cannabis or viewing a piece of artisanal glasswork, the appreciation of quality imparts immense satisfaction. In fact, many people claim that smoking spliff helps them appreciate food, music, and art.

The Supreme Stash

Consider the luxury of uniting your love of cannabis and your love of artwork. Collecting smoking accessories that highlight your love of cannabis with your appreciation of fine art is a double delight. Look for glass accessories that excite your eye as they enhance your smoking experience.

Let’s Dish!

There is something about a gorgeous dish that invites your imagination to soar. Mix beauty and pleasure when you use a distinctive glass dish from SmokeCartel. Each dish possesses an evocative charm and name such as Rasta Worked Inside Out Color Changing Dish, Silver Fumed Squiggle, and Rainbow Worked Inside Out Color Changing Dish. Collect, use, and display these beautiful dishes as object d’art and as the supreme stash glass.

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Great Uses for an Artware Dish

A unique piece of glassware is the perfect storage space to hold everything from screens to de-seeders to rolling papers in one place. A glass dish can be used to cleverly bring together your prized collection of glass smoking implements, such as one-hitters, pipes, and chillums. Or perhaps you would enjoy using this colorful and cool dish as the place where you store the things that light your fire, such as matches and lighters. Keep the things that are part of your smoking ritual close at hand with the right glass bowl.

Art Glass Dish and Candle Flame

To merge the ritual of cannabis and the enjoyment of this beautiful glass art dish, after you’ve savored your stash, place a candle in the glass bowl. Enjoy the candle’s flame. Watch the colors and patterns dance and come to life under the fire’s light.

The Host with the Most

These beautiful pieces of glass art make lovely snack bowls. Keep several on hand for when friends come to call. Serve snacks to the crew with style, class, and the best of art glass. Everything looks scrumptious and tastes delicious when you put it in a special dish.

Planning for Future Happiness

A gorgeous glass dish is a great place to make bank. Use one to store the pocket change and stray bills that you pull out of your pockets each night. Totally dishy! When you have collected the right amount, pull the money out of the dish and use the funds to purchase more cannabis.

Raise Your Spirits

There are commonalities between cannabis and glass art ware. Both a fine, cultivated stash of herb and a lovely, ornamental piece of glass show the hand of the master craftsperson. Both manifest the higher consciousness that comes from being in a state of relaxed grace and concentration. Both bring you profound delight and raise your spirits.