Saturday 24 July 2021
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How to make your home allergy free

Having allergies is an annoying part of life. Most people have to deal with allergies at least a few times per year, and usually around spring and summer time when all the plants and flowers have bloomed.

If you are prone to allergies then you probably take allergy medications such as Reactine or Aerius to help. When you are taking medicine to help with your allergies you may only be partly solving the problem though.

Many times you can have allergy issues because your house is dirty and dusty. There may be a lot of allergens hiding in your home in places you would never expect.

We are going to go over some house cleaning tips to make your home allergy free:

In your bedroom

Many things in your bedroom can cause you to sneeze, get a runny nose, and get watery eyes. This can be especially prevalent in the morning.

Firstly, you should encase your pillows, mattress, and box springs in a dust-mite proof cover.

Next, get a broom and sweep all around your bedroom. Make sure you get under your bed and dressers so that nothing is hiding. It can be the places that you never touch that get the dirtiest and dustiest, so get everywhere.

You should dust your ceiling and the fan in your room if you have one. Make sure to also clean your vents in your room.

If you have any pets in your home try not to let them into your room and on your bed as often. Dogs and cats can track in a lot of dirt from outdoors. If you are naturally allergic to pets then definitely keep them out of your room.

In Your Kitchen

Clean out your refrigerator at least once a month to ensure any old and rotting food is thrown away. Getting rid of food earlier than later will benefit your health since the moldy odor won’t be allowed to transfer to other items in your fridge.

Imagine if you have a bowl of Jell-O in your fridge but also have some rotting chicken in the back of the fridge. All of the bacteria that is on that chicken can transfer into your Jello-O and get you sick if it isn’t covered.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this issue. Just throw away things that have gone bad by doing a monthly check.

Keep your sink clean by scrubbing it every week and washing any dirty dishes within the day. Dirty dishes that sit for days at a time can get very smelly and build up bacteria.

The sooner you clean them the less they will smell. It will also make you less stressed when you don’t have a sink full of dishes.

In your bathroom make sure to clean the toilet and shower every month at least. This can be a bad place for germs to build up and affect your allergies.