Saturday 24 July 2021
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Hunting: Advice and Benefits Which You Need to Know

Shooting is probably one of the oldest sports in the UK, with people from all different ages enjoying the sport. It is important to note that there are plenty of different types of shooting sports, for example, hunting, clay pigeon shooting, airsoft/bb gun games and more. Hunting is possibly one of the oldest types of sports which is enjoyed by both males and females, if this is the type of sport which interests you then do not worry because we’re going to provide you with the benefits of hunting and also top tips on getting started.

So firstly, what are the benefits of hunting?

  • It can bring you closer to your friends and family, this is because the sport is something fun which you can all do together.
  • Hunting has been found to improve people’s physical balance.
  • You’re able to reap all the general shooting benefits as well as the ones which are for hunting.
  • Hunting is great fun and can be found to bring one closer to nature and make people appreciate their surroundings more.
  • You get a great cardiovascular workout because of how much walking you will be doing, not only this because you have to stand in awkward positions and carry a lot you will become physically more flexible and stronger.
  • Allows people to de-stress, relax and focus on other things.
  • If you eat what you shoot, then you know where the meat has come from and know that you’re getting the right nutrition.

Moving onto all the tips and advice you need to know when it comes to hunting…

  • One of the most important things which we advise people to do is to make sure that you walk slowly and quietly. Why is this? Well fast and noisy movements can scare animals away.
  • Make sure to listen out, this is important because if you listen out carefully you can instantly stop and stand still whilst you prepare and track the animals.
  • Make sure to be kitted out with the right gun, there are plenty of different types of guns whether it be Beretta pistols or air rifles, make sure to ask for advice and get the right gun for you.
  • Once you have been successful and shot the animal, they either drop straight to the ground or run off, which means you have to track them. It is incredibly important to follow blood trails to ensure that you pick it up, so to track the animals look on the ground and the side of trees and bushes to see if you can see any blood.
  • Always ensure to wear the right clothing and be comfortable, sturdy shoes are important also because you will most likely be walking long distances and you want to be comfy whilst doing so.