Saturday 24 July 2021
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Tooth decay-Causes, Prevention and Treatment of the problem

Dental problems have become quite common in the recent times and many of you are suffering from various types of dental problems. These problems tend to be lethal and have an impact on your daily life activities and make life tougher for you. One of the main problems that tend to make an impact is tooth decay which is mainly caused by eating juicy and sweet items. The problem of tooth decay is especially very common in kids and it makes their daily life activities tougher.

What is a dental cavity?

To put it in the simple words, tooth decay or cavity is damage in the structure of the teeth when some or the other part is removed by decay… Your teeth literally rot. The cavity is created due to the accumulation of acids which is created when you eat juicy items and sweets. These juice items react with the plaque and cause breaking of teeth structure.

When this damage is not treated at initial stages, they tend to grow larger which makes your mouth completely filled with decay and rotting. This is why it is very smart for you to get in touch with a dentist very quickly, we can vouch for this dentist in Croydon who can help you with the dental problems. It is also advisable look to take good care of your teeth in a day to day manner. You shall be especially careful about the brushing and cleaning of teeth in order to avoid these cavities and other dental problems at the same time. Here are some of the root causes of the cavity that will help you to avoid it:

Oral Hygiene – This is one of the key aspects and when you are not taking care of oral hygiene such a brushing and cleaning of your teeth, the problem only tends to increase making things difficult for you.

Eating and drinking habits – Another major cause of cavities and tooth decay is eating habits. If you love juicy items such as citrus fruits and sweets, then the chances of having cavities goes up as well. So, you need to improve your eating and drinking habits in order to avoid the problem of cavities. It is advisable to cut out sweets altogether if possible and reduce the frequency that you consume citrus fruits, if you eat citrus fruits throughout the day then your teeth are constantly under attack but if you eat them in one sitting then the acid attack is only once.

Medical complications – If you are having any medical condition such as acid reflux, then it can also contribute to the acid attack which causes the cavities.

Prevention and treatment – This is the most important thing for you know as we all like to be healthy. The simplest way to prevent the cavities is by having good oral hygiene. At the same time, you shall also look to improve upon the eating habits in order to avoid the cavities.

But in case, the problem has already started, you have to undergo treatment of the same. When the problem is in the initial stages, a simple filling will do the job for you. But in case, the problem gets severe, you may have to go for extraction. Root canal treatment has come up as the smart alternative to tooth extraction that can help you save your tooth.