Friday 30 July 2021
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What Sequence You Should Follow For Heartworm Positive Dogs

As a pet-lover, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your beloved animal. Always keep an eye on its physical activities and diet. So, that you easily protect it from some harmful diseases such as heartworm. It is a fatal parasitic disease that is caused by a nematode parasite Dirofilaria Immitis.

This parasite is transmitted from one pet to another through mosquitoes and affects the lungs and heart of dogs. Your pet becomes lethargic and avoids all physical activities. Heartgard Plus is an effective medication for the treatment of Heartworm.

Here, in this article, we discuss in detail the complete sequence that you should follow if your dog is Heartworm positive.

Make Sure about the Diagnosis: If your dog is heartworm positive than you should confirm its diagnosis. It can confirm with the help of some additional and different test. The good thing about heartworm treatment is that most infected dogs are also treated successfully.

But, heartworm treatment is a little bit complex and expensive. Only your vet doctor can surely suggest you that treatment is necessary for your dog or not. So, it is highly recommended you to consult a veterinary doctor before starting your dog’s treatment.

Your Dog’s Exercise Should Be Restricted: The foremost thing that you should follow before starting your dog’s heartworm treatment is that stabilize its health. Heartworm causes damage in the heart and lungs of your pet if its physical activities are not restricted. Less activity by your dog can stabilize your pet’s health and then it is easy to diagnosis its health. So, stop all the physical activities of your pet for a few days.

Make your Dog’s Disease Stable: It is a very essential step in heartworm treatment. It is easy to treat your heartworm affected pet if you stabilize its disease. You can stabilize its disease with the help of appropriate therapy. If its disease is not stabilized than this process may take several months and it becomes hard to recover your pet from heartworm.

Take Respective Treatment: If your dog’s condition is stable then it is ready for heartworm treatment. Then, your vet can recommend a treatment protocol that contains several steps. You have to follow these steps as per your doctor and your dog can easily beat heartworm disease in some time. More severe disease can also successfully treated but complexity rate is more in such cases.

Successfully Prevent Your Pet: Your vet doctor will perform a heartworm teat after 6 months of treatment to confirm that all the heartworm have been eliminated from your pet’s body. If you want to protect your dog from heartworm for rest of its life, you will administer heartworm prevention for a year.

By following the above sequence in an appropriate manner you can surely prevent your dog from heartworm for the rest of his life. So, always treat your pet as per your vet doctor prescription because it is safe as well as secure.