Wednesday 16 June 2021
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2 Chief Reasons Why People Accept Ulthera more Than Laser Treatment

For a long time, people had a misconception that skin tightening is impossible without surgery. But with the introduction of ultherapy, doctors can claim to do the skin tightening and face upliftment jobs without the use of a knife or injection. It might be unbelievable for some as a facelift without cuts, stitches, and recovery time seems unreal. But Ultehrapy has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry where cosmetic procedures and medical procedures amalgamate to impart the best results. It is the best non-invasive alternative to the neck lift and facelift.

It’s definitely not laser

There is always confusion between laser therapy and ultherapy. Those of you who are frightened to undergo the exposure to the laser beam should know now that Ulthera [ทํา ulthera, which is the term in Thai], is not a laser therapy. It uses a device that will harness the power of ultrasound waves. The final impact is skin-tightening and muscle-lifting effects. The ultrasound energy waves will directly improve the skin texture and lift the loose skin. There is a collagen-boosting effect, which is strong as the focus is only on the particular area that demands boosting.

Impossible for laser

Both the surgical facelift and the Ultherapy treatment target the SMAS layers of the muscle for the upliftment. But cosmetic lasers can never penetrate to that depth of the dermal layers. Although the laser treatment is an excellent way to serve the purposes of skin upliftment or skin tightening, the ultherapy is a better option that won’t demand the exposure of any section of the skin to the laser beam. Laser treatments can work indirectly as they deliver light energy to the skin. But then ultherapy is successful indirectly boosting the skin lift process. That is why the majority is preferring this alternative that won’t demand surgeries or laser exposure.