Friday 30 July 2021
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An Introduction to Carbon Filters for Hydroponics

If you ae considering taking up hydroponic growing, there are most likely a few things that you cannot get your head around – including the carbon filter, you may be wondering what they are, how to choose one and why you need one. If this is the case, then we thoroughly advise that you continue to read this article!

Main Three Types

In terms of hydroponic growing there are three main types of carbon filters used for air filtration, these are pelletized, coconut and granulated. Anyone looking to purchase a carbon filter must research each of these individually in order to determine the best options for their individual needs and requirements.

Brand Matters

When purchasing a carbon filter it is important that you do so from a reputable supplier and manufacturer, one great option being Rhino pro filters– These are leaders within the hydroponics industry and simply cannot be beaten. Some of the other things that you will have to take into consideration when choosing a carbon filter include airflow, price and duct size. Don’t forget to do your research a d know what you need, otherwise you could ned up purchasing one that does not fit in with your set-up/needs.

How is Carbon Produced?

Carbon is produced by burning a source metal (usually coal_ – The remaining material after burning is, carbon.

Why is Carbon Good for Air Filtration?

Activated carbon is absolutely perfect for extracting organic compounds from the air. Carbon is incredibly porous and is constructed of multiple pores, the larger pore size the better the carbon works. Carbon is known to attract organic compounds to carbon particles – similar to a magnet. The carbon is positively charged which attracts the negatively charged ions in the organic compound. The organic compound basically sticks to the outer edge of the carbon thereafter the pores structure absorbs it into the centre and sticks it there.

Just Getting Started?

If you are just getting started and this is making no sense to you, please don’t be put off. Hydroponics is actually really simple once you have got the hang of it and understand the different components involved.

Instead of being scared and forgetting about your hydroponics growing dream, you should find a hydroponics supplier that is happy to talk to yor. Leading hydroponics companies should be more than willing to take time out to talk to you about hydroponics, explaining anything that you want to know and everything that is involved.