Friday 30 July 2021
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The Perfect Age for a Hair Transplant

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Hair transplants are becoming a more popular and preferred method of battling baldness in both men and women. Deciding on whether to get a hair transplant is a big decision that requires a lot of time and research. A withdrawing hairline in young adults is common, and it’s likely to cause loss of confidence in most people. A receding hairline can occur at any stage of a person’s life especially for men who are in their 20’s. Losing your hairline at a young age can have adverse impacts to your self-confidence and make you uncomfortable and anxious. Over 50{ac15f71130453b01de68f6caab5e777d0a5c121b68e3ce09334b989286c5d23b} of men aged between 24-34 years believe that they are experiencing baldness and close to 40{ac15f71130453b01de68f6caab5e777d0a5c121b68e3ce09334b989286c5d23b} of people stated that they would consider hair transplant if their hair starts to recede. Nevertheless, the procedure when carried out at a young age can cause serious health risks, so it’s advisable you consider age factors when you are thinking of it.

Why Do We Start to Lose Hair?
The primary cause of baldness is sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a by-product of testosterone, the reason why men are more susceptible to receding hairlines. The hormone starts to pick in during puberty and during theminiaturisation process which can inhibit the growth of certain hair follicles. Thinning off then starts and that is how balding and receding begins.

What is the Perfect Age to Get a Hair Transplant?
The question of when is the right age to get hair transplant is a frequently asked. When your hair starts to recede in your 20s, it will be challenging to determine the type of balding shape you will have in the future. The result of more resistant hair follicles when placed in your frontal hairline at your 20s will cause the hairs behind it to recede.

The transplanted hair will grow successfully while the hair in other parts of your head may continue to fall. So, having a hair transplant done at a young age may cause unnatural, sparse baldness, consequently making it difficult to maintain hair that has already undergone a transplant. This is why it is recommended for men under the age of 30, to use medicines such as Minoxidil and Finasteride to prevent the loss of the rest of their hair after the procedure.

According to top hair transplant specialists, the perfect age for a hair transplant is 30and above. At this age, patients can get the right transplant for their head. Hair transplants are not recommended for young men with inherited alopecia. Such patients are advised to take medications such as Propecia which helps to calm down the male pattern baldness.

Another factor in determining whether you are ideal for a hair transplant is to look if they have a steady supply of donor’s hair that is sufficient enough to cover possible hair loss. However, it’s tough to determine this trait in young individuals, making them not ideal candidates for transplant.

Remember with changing age, comes with certain expectations. People should not expect to have the same head of hair that you had in your high school days. Everyone loses hair with increasing age, so if you want a hair transplant,

You can also embrace the loss of your hair and shave it off, this will be difficult at first due to a change of appearance but will get easier with time. But if you are interested in a hair transplant procedure, MCAN Health Istanbul can give you the service you need.