Friday 30 July 2021
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Important considerations before choosing between Anavar and Winstrol

If you look into the list of different steroidal drugs that are used by different athletes and bodybuilders, you might come across some drugs that share similar effects on the body. The situation becomes all the more volatile if you come across such a combination and you have to choose either of the two. The obvious answer to such a situation is to stack both the drugs together. But whether stacking will result in enhanced side effects is a matter of question.

Winstrol or Anavar- which one to choose?

One such identical pair of steroidal drugs is Winstrol and Anavar. Both are cutting steroids that produce identical results and side effects on the body. They help to get rid of excess fat from the body and preserve the lean muscle mass. This helps you to get your muscles toned and improves your physiques. But the pertinent question that comes to every mind is to which one to choose from the two? Are both the drugs safe for both men and women? Most bodybuilders prefer not to stack both the drugs. A comparative analysis of the advantages, side effects as well as stacking partners will give a clearer idea to answer the pertinent question.

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A brief introduction to Anavar

If you search for the sagest steroidal drug available in the market, the first option that will pop up is Anavar. It is a very mild drug that does not pose any threat to the liver. It is actually safer than Winstrol, making it the obvious choice for several female athletes and bodybuilders all around the globe. However, being a female drug does not mean that the drug is unable to produce the desired results in males. The average dose of the drug is 20-80 mg per day. Being slightly androgenic eliminates the risks associated with virilization. Like Winstrol, there are no effects of water retention in the body.

The prime effects of Anavar on the body are fat loss. It helps in the elimination of abdominal and visceral fat in both men and women. Moreover, the weight gained due to the administration of the drug is permanent lean hard muscle. All these effects produced by the drug makes it an attractive option for most drug users.

A brief introduction to Winstrol

Winstrol is one of the very few drugs that can be administered in both the oral as well as injectable form. However, the injectable form has proved to be more potent than the oral form and is more accepted by athletes worldwide. The main use of the drug is pronounced weight loss and preparation of the body for competition. You can also generate a strong look to your muscles if you stack your drug administration with a condensed calorie diet.

However, unlike Anavar, Winstrol is unable to protect the muscles of the body during the burning of fat. As a result, it becomes less popular than Anavar amongst the drug users.

These are some of the valid points about both the drugs that will help you to decide on them. Both the drugs produce identical results and side effects, but there are parameters that differentiate between the two. You can stack them together, but the results will not be desirable and therefore not preferred by other athletes. It is advisable that you consult your physician before taking the drug.