Friday 30 July 2021
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Severe Morning Sickness? 4 Ways to Get Proper Nutrition When You Feel Nauseous

Women often find that the term morning sickness is incredibly deceptive since the nausea associated with early pregnancy can last all day. While you should always call your OB GYN Brooklyn moms trust if you experience multiple episodes of vomiting, most morning sickness can be managed at home. When you simply can’t muster up the courage to try a bite, use these four strategies to ensure your growing baby gets the vitamins they need for a healthy development.

Try Eating Crackers Before Getting Out of Bed

Morning sickness does seem to hit worst first thing when you wake up. This is often due to acids accumulating in your stomach throughout the night. Try leaving crackers beside your bed, and take a few nibbles when you first wake up. This helps absorb the acid and gets your digestive system working normally. You might even find your stomach starts to growl within a half hour after your morning snack.

Ask Your Doctor for a Prenatal Vitamin

Although prenatal vitamins should never replace eating a healthy diet, they do work wonders for filling in the gaps when you are unable to eat a complete meal. While these are available over-the-counter, your OB GYN Brooklyn women visit during pregnancy may recommend taking a prescription one that contains extra iron if you are anemic. Your doctor can also recommend an alternative vitamin if the one you currently take makes you nauseous.

Consider Eating Smaller Meals Throughout the Day

The concept of eating three meals a day is more of a common habit than a hard and fast rule, and trying to eat large meals can take a toll on your queasy tummy. Instead, consider snacking throughout the day. Try eating half a sandwich for lunch. Then, have a piece of fruit an hour or two later. This gives you the same amount of nutrition during the course of a day but allows your body to do less work with the digestion.

Drink Your Meals In a Shake

For some women, the sight of a plate of food is enough to get the stomach churning. Yet, smoothies are a refreshing way to enjoy fresh fruits and other healthy ingredients if you know how to sneak them in. For example, broccoli and other green veggies can be blended into your smoothie, and the fruit flavors mask the taste. You can also add nut butters for protein to increase the nutrition factor.

The good news is that morning sickness usually only lasts for a few weeks, yet it is normal to be worried about not being able to eat. Try these tips, and always let your obstetrician know if you simply cannot eat so that you can find a solution that helps you enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy.